Our thoughts on online learning


Online learning is a new method for most of us and we have different opinions about it. There are advantages and disadvantages for online classes during the pandemia.

We think that is easier to pay attention when the class is face-to-face. Being at home means that you do not have the teacher in person and it could mean that you have more distractions, but that depends on the person. 

One disadvantage of doing classes in person is that it increases the transmission of Covid-19. That means saturated hospitals and confinement again.

If the class is online, it is harder to resolve doubts, so face-to-face is easier in this sense.

Our confined experience

Last spring we were confined for 3 months and we put the online classes to the test.

At the beginning, when we still didn’t know much about how video calling applications like zoom and skype worked, it was difficult to do class because there was always someone who had technical problems.

But as the days went by, an improvement in this aspect could be seen. From our own experience we believe that for the learning of the student it is better to do the classes face-to-face, because you learn more than online.

It should also be noted that for many students the online course saved them, thanks to a reform applied by the government that forced schools, in the third quarter, to approve all students with a 5. Of course, the student should have passed the previous two quarters.

We believe that in-person lessons help much more and the students are more involved in studies.

On the other hand, in online classes they spread out and fail to concentrate in an inadequate way.


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